Higher Ed Tech" Where K-12 & Consumer Collide - Frank Catalano - March 2012



What’s our agenda? It’s basically in three parts:

  1. What student expectations are
  2. Where innovation is coming from and what’s driving it
  3. And what it’s developing into over the next three years – in 5 transcendent trends that span K-20


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When Technologies Collide: Consumer, K-12 and Higher Ed -- by Frank Catalano -- April 2012

New lab aims to create, study educational games — from the Wall Street Journal by Ian Sherr


A new videogame design lab is coming to Silicon Valley, but its goals are different from the studios that cook up the next “Battlefield” war simulation shooter or “World of Warcraft” multiplayer fantasy game. This one is focused on helping students learn.

Electronic Arts is going to be home for a new project called the Games, Learning and Assessment, or GLASS, Lab. The effort is funded in large part by $10.3 million in grants from The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The project will have two primary goals: building next-generation educational games, and creating tools to take existing games, potentially such as EA’s upcoming “SimCity,” and measure what students learn from them.

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Videos from Qualcomm Uplinq 2012 show the future of Smart TV
— from hexus.net by Mark Tyson

Here are the feature highlights of these “redefined” Smart TVs:

  • Console quality gaming
  • Concurrency of apps
  • Miracast wireless technology allowing smartphone and tablet screens to partake in multi-screen interactivity
  • Personalisation and facial recognition
  • Gestures
  • HD picture quality
  • HD video calling


From DSC:
…and add to that list the power of customized learning and analytics!

YouTube Video of  Marc Whitten, VP Xbox LIVE


SmartGlass -- from Microsoft -- June 4, 2012


Microsoft Unveils ‘SmartGlass’ to Connect Xbox and Windows — from the Wall Street Journal


Xbox Marc Whitten, corporate vice president of Xbox LIVE, announces
Xbox SmartGlass onstage at the Xbox 360 E3 media briefing Monday.


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Addendum 6/6/12:

Games for Learning — part of the Games for Change Festival

Excerpt from Jennifer Levine:

For 9 years, the Games for Change Festival has brought the advocacy of social impact games to the industry’s attention. It’s where educators are exposed to new initiatives to bring games for learning to new frontiers. This year, the Festival will devote two entire days focusing on how educators can use the impact of games in formal and informal classroom settings.

Join long time investor in tools for teaching game designer, AMD, as they present an entire track of programming and workshops dedicated to teaching game design in the classroom. And don’t miss the Games for Learning Institute track which highlights research into games-based learning in a series of engaging talks including talks from Constance Steinkuehler, James Paul Gee, and creators of Portal, Valve Software.

Beyond that, there’s a wealth of impressive discussions, roundtables, demos and more at our full program here.

With less than a month left to register for the festival, what are you waiting for? Register now and don’t forget that groups of 5 or more who register together get 25% off! (#G4C12 and/or @G4C on Twitter)

Top 100 Schools for Animation, Gaming, and Design - May 2012



The animation education industy has never been so competitive, with schools competing for students and students competing for a small number of available industry jobs. The job rate and student employability has dropped to the lowest in years, so a top-notch animation education has never been so critical.

All this has made choosing the right animation school extremely difficult. To help students navigate through the world of animation schools, we’ve put together the Top 100 most highly-regarded and sought after animation schools on the planet. This list of the Top 100 Schools in Animation, Gaming and Design was compiled via a mixture of school reviews, industry-reviewed lists like the Princeton Review, and via a survey of the animation industry professionals and recruiters from companies like Pixar, J.J. Sedelmaier and DreamWorks who were featured in our Interview Series. And without further ado, here are your Top 100 Schools in Animation, Gaming and Design:


What is AirServer? — my thanks to Mr. Johnny Ansari at Calvin College for this resource

AirServer is a powerful Mac/PC application that enables you to stream or mirror your iOS device, such as your iPhone 4S, to your Mac/PC. If your computer is connected to a secondary or alternative display, such as an HDTV or projector, your iOS device can use that display. If your iOS device allows Mirroring then anything you see on that device can be displayed on the big screen.

AirServer is the most advanced AirPlay/AirTunes receiver app on the market. Mirroring has been fully supported since version 4.0 of AirServer. No other app will let you seamlessly stream audio, videos, photos, and photo slideshows to your Mac or iOS device. AirServer gives you more features for less money, and it keeps getting better. Android fans rejoice: we now support AirPlay streaming to Mac from Android devices running doubleTwist+AirTwist.

AirServer makes history — 1 May, 2012

We’re so hyped about our latest breakthrough with AirServer that we couldn’t hold back any longer. This is something no other app has done. This is history in the making.

AirPlay Mirroring for PC is here!
That’s right. AirServer is the first and only software that can Mirror your iPhone/iPad to your Windows PC. This is a pre-release version and doesn’t yet have sound or some of the eye candy features of full blown AirServer. But it does have Mirroring. And Mirroring will enable you to take your iPhone 4S and display the screen pixel perfect on your PC. Over the coming weeks we’ll be adding free updates to the PC version to bring it up to speed with the Mac version. Exciting times ahead.

Updating the second screen ecosystem infographic — from digitalvideospace.blogspot.com

From DSC:

  • Watch this space to see how what I call Learning from the Living Room develops! 
  • It will be interesting to watch how educational gaming dovetails into this as well.

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Microsoft Kinect in education

“Capturing students’ interest and making concepts come alive is an educator’s greatest challenge. Engagement is the key to unlocking the magic that lies within each student. With Kinect™ for Xbox 360® from Microsoft, educators are enhancing traditional lesson plans, physical education, school communications and after-school programs with extraordinary immersive, body-moving experiences that help students get engaged and stay on task.”

Microsoft Kinect in education

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Mobile Learning Game Improves 5th Graders’ Fractions Knowledge and Attitudes

— Prepared by Prof. Michelle Riconscente | University of Southern California | published by GameDesk Institute

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Operation Math - looks to be a great, engaging learning game for math

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