Poetic Artworks From Paper — from fubiz.net by Kanat Nurtazin

Beautiful mixed reality art by Kanat Nurtazin




Concentric Vessels Nest Within Larger Forms in Matthew Chambers’ Perplexing Ceramic Sculptures — from thisiscolossal.com by Grace Ebert and Matthew Chambers

Concentric Circles - by Matthew Chambers - December 2021


Sunlight Caps the Snowy Meili Mountain Range in a Majestic Photo Series — from thisiscolossal.com by Grace Ebert & Rainlook



In ‘Two Worlds,’ Split-View Photos Frame the Dual Environments Above and Below the Water’s Surface — from thisiscolossal.com by Grace Ebert


Artist Spotlight: Sara-Vide Ericson — from booooooom.com

A painting of a woman crossing a small river -- incredibly life like!


Black Sand Beach — from 500px.com by dronographer

overhead view of a black sand beach

Amazing Paper Art Made for Different Medias — from fubiz.net by Reina Takahashi, aka Reinasaur


Discover the Winners of the Natural Landscape Photography Awards — from fubiz.net

Numerous bolts of lightning appear immediately behind a massive, jagged mountain top


Panthera pardus kotiya — from 500px.com by Petr Kolb


In our hands – Directors: Dorian&Daniel from Dorian & Daniel on Vimeo.


Lauterbrunnen — from 500px.com by Michael Chlebek


Surveying the animation boom and its effects on the creative industry — from itsnicethat.com by Dalia Dawood and Alex Moy
“We’re seeing animation go into spaces that it’s not been in before” – leading studios shed light on a transforming industry and what it means for our screens.


While kids’ animation remains popular – India-based children’s studio Toonz saw increased demand not only for feature films but “edutainment”, especially “social and emotional learning, an area kids missed out on when schools were shut,” says CEO P. Jayakumar – adult long-form animation has flourished. Such shows have evolved beyond slapstick humour to meet contemporary audiences’ interests, exploring serious issues such as mental health.


skihopp Gopro — youtube.com


The use of Gimbals to get stabilized images when recording digital video.

The use of Gimbals can give you stabilized images when you are recording digital video.

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

Photography and imaging
Gimbals are also used to mount everything from small camera lenses to large photographic telescopes.

In portable photography equipment, single-axis gimbal heads are used in order to allow a balanced movement for camera and lenses. This proves useful in wildlife photography as well as in any other case where very long and heavy telephoto lenses are adopted: a gimbal head rotates a lens around its center of gravity, thus allowing for easy and smooth manipulation while tracking moving subjects.

Very large gimbal mounts in the form 2 or 3 axis altitude-altitude mounts are used in satellite photography for tracking purposes.

Gyrostabilized gimbals which house multiple sensors are also used for airborne surveillance applications including airborne law enforcement, pipe and power line inspection, mapping, and ISR (intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance). Sensors include thermal imaging, daylight, low light cameras as well as laser range finder, and illuminators.

Gimbal systems are also used in scientific optics equipment. For example, they are used to rotate a material sample along an axis to study their angular dependence of optical properties.


Autumn morning — from 500px.com by David Dai


Desert Camel by Xiao Yang — from 500px.com

Discover by Reacto Carbon — from 500px.com

Discover by Reacto Carbon


What an incredible picture!


Bavarian Church — from 500px by Stefan Thaler

A beautiful picture of a church in Bavaria -- with wheat in the foreground and the sun and a rainbow in the background


Under the Tree — from 500px.com by Birdies Lanscapes

Photo by Mrwei — from 500px.com


90 degrees — from 500ox,com by Aytug Bayer

A bonus item: This video captures an incredibly talented and clever artist!


Autumn Pumpkin Spice Latte –from Tatiana Goskova out at 500px.com

Autumn Pumpkin Spice Latte --from Tatiana Goskova out at 500px.com

The Old Barn in Frost and Fire — by Jørn Allan Pedersen out at 500px.com

The Old Barn in Frost and Fire -- by Jørn Allan Pedersen out at 500px.com


travel through time -- a creative photograph out at 500px.com

Also see:

The Ocean Photographer of The Year — from fubiz.net


Look up series by Vadim Sherbakov -- incredibly beautiful work!
Look up series by Vadim Sherbakov — incredibly beautiful work!





From DSC:
For you folks in advertising, consider using this next idea/approach for your next piece…it surely kept my attention. (Ok, you might want to shorten it a bit.)


black and white photo of a stairway

Vision — from 500px.com by Markus Studtmann

Artist Spotlight: Yoora Lee — from booooooom.com


Light and shadow -- by Bruce

Light and Shadow — from 500px.com by Bruce

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