Quick lessons from losing an iPad — from Hans de Zwart


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Google Swiffy will swiftly convert Flash files into HTML5 — from reelseo.com by Jeremy Scott

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Getting started with RSS & Google Reader — from the All things Upside Down blog by tmiket

LiveScribe's new connections -- sharp!


From DSC:
Taking this concept into learning spaces…I would like to see this type of thing in all Smart Classrooms; for example:


Also see:

Choosing the best screen resolution for your screencasts — from The Screening Room by Lynn Elliott


screenresolutionsillustrator 032 Choosing the best screen resolution for your screencasts



From DSC:
Though I saw this posted at a variety of blogs/social learning sites,
it’s definitely worth relaying here for those who might have missed it.


When to use normalization [item on digital audio] — from macprovideo.com

Essentially, normalization is a process that raises the level of any audio to a pre-defined maximum without clipping. When audio is normalized your software will search the file for a peak level and move this to the defined maximum level. The rest of the file will then be brought up to the same relative level. This is how zero clipping is achieved.

Learn advanced uses of forms in Google Docs — from Free Technology for Teachers

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Creating an Interactive Portfolio with InDesign — from Layers Magazine by Terry White

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