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But free for your taking and implementing!



  • Choir Practice: A mobile-based method of practicing one’s part


  • The ability for the choir member to go directly to measure ____
  • The ability for the choir member to highlight measures ____ through ____ (like highlighting text in Microsoft Word), then click on the play button to loop through those measures
  • One could speed up a song up or slow it down (without affecting pitch)
  • The application would allow for all of the vocal parts to begin playing upon downloading a pre-packaged song or the application could always start playing with a certain part (i.e. 1st or 2nd soprano, alto, tenor, or bass)
  • The musical notes could be the same color or one could choose to display the notes in different colors
  • Bonus features might include a video of a director directing this song


  • This type of thing would be a great cross-disciplinary assignment for your institution’s curriculum — Music and Computer Science come to mind for this application
  • Your institution could sell this application on Apple’s App Store to develop a new revenue stream
  • Your choirs could produce the packaged songs / tracks
  • Plus, such an app would help choir members learn their parts — 24x7x365 — in the car, on the road, in the gym, etc.
  • Enhances one’s ability to listen to other parts as well
  • Aids your marketing departments as you point to this as a solid deliverable from your programs
  • Creates “study aids” for your own school’s choirs/students as well as for choirs at smaller churches and institutions (worldwide)
  • Helps those choir members who don’t have access to a piano or don’t know how to play a piano

Have fun whomever takes this idea and runs with it! The choirs of the world will appreciate you — and so will their audiences!   🙂

Along these lines…another win-win here includes:

That students in the future (I hope) will be able to choose from a multitude of potential roles when presented with multi-disciplinary projects/assignments/courses:
  • Vocalists, pianists, and other type of musicians
  • Composers
  • Programmers
  • Graphic artists
  • Videographers / video editors
  • Audio specialists
  • Writers
  • Project Managers
  • Actresses/Actors
  • etc.
As such, students could:
  • Learn to appreciate other disciplines
  • Participate in/contribute to projects that could be published on the web
  • Exercise their creativity
  • Practice being innovative

Daniel Christian

Top 100 Tools for Learning 2010: Final list, presentation and more — from Jane Knight

Yesterday I finalised the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2010 list.  Many thanks to the 545 people who shared their Top 10 Tools for Learning and contributed to the building of the list.   Although this list is available online, I also created this presentation which provides the information as a slideset – embedded below.

My Photo

Jane Hart, a Social Business Consultant, and founder
of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies.

Netflix app for iPhone and iPod Touch launched — from thenextweb.com by Jeff Cormier

Fans of Netflix with an iPhone and/or iPod Touch, the time has come. As promised at the unveiling of iPhone 4 in June, Netflix has lauched their app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Get the free app here.

Netflix has been available on the iPad since its launch, and is one of my favorite apps as an iPad owner. The iPhone and iPod Touch version is equally as grand, albeit on a smaller screen.


Netflix now available on the ipad, ipod and iphone


iTunes Texas education channel launched — from news.yahoo.com by Sarah Portlock

HOUSTON – Texas students can now download podcasts, videos and other multimedia lessons directly from iTunes through a new online program aimed at providing free, supplementary coursework that can be accessed anywhere, state officials announced Tuesday.

The Texas Education iTunes U channel allows teachers to upload material from their classes to help students understand new concepts or do more research in a specific subject area. Students and parents can access the material through home or school computers, and those with iPods can download the information to the handheld devices.

The state first met with Apple Inc. about three years ago. The governor’s office and the Texas Education Agency began working on the project in November, finding and culling existing teacher training videos and programs for students, said agency spokeswoman Debbie Ratcliffe.

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Podcasting: Ideas for teachers — from Learning Objects Community — posted by Nancy Rubin

What is a podcast and how can I teach with it? If you are wondering what a podcast is, that might be a good place to start. Podcasts are basically audio files that can be produced with a standard computer, a microphone, software, and a web site where you will post your completed podcasts. Audio podcasts are usually an MP3 file and are the most common types of podcasts. Enhanced podcasts can have images to go along with the audio. They can also have chapter markers, making it easier to skip to different portions of an episode. Enhanced podcasts are not necessarily supported by all devices. Video podcasts are movies, complete with sound. Video podcasts can be in a variety of formats, but MPEG-4 is the most popular and the only format that will play on iPod and iPad.

Some classroom ideas for podcasting:

  • Record directions for students
  • Record lessons
  • Record supplemental materials
  • Record instructions for a substitute teacher
  • Record classroom rules
  • Interview people at your school
  • Create a news show and discuss current events
  • Record a speech
  • Record student readings so they can hear what they sound like

Also see:


Kiwa Media Group is an award winning media company developing iPhone/iPod Touch & iPad Apps, digital content for books, producing film & television programs & digital content for the mobile music industry. Kiwa Media also provides software solutions for ADR and Language Dubbing across the globe. The company is led by President, Rhonda Kite.

Kiwa Media Group brands include QBook, SingQ, VoiceQ & Kiwa TV & Film Production. Kiwa is a registered Mac OS and iPhone developer.

Example product –> QBook – Bringing your stories to life
QBook™ is an interactive read-along digital colour picture book format designed by Kiwa Media for young children. QBook is an eBook, iPhone and iPad app that combines a narrators voice with original picture illustrations and touchable text that is synchronised to highlight and sound when words are touched.

From DSC:
Let’s picture that you are a 3-4 year old…and your parents get you one of these iPads. You begin to learn to read like this using an app like QBook. You grow up knowing this type of technology exists and you use gadgets like this all the time. They keep you engaged…they give you control of the content, pacing, etc.

Now fast forward to college. You’ll quickly see why I preach the dangers of the status quo.

Podcast: William Rankin on Mobile Learning with the iPhone and iPod — Educause

William Rankin is Associate Professor and Director of Educational Innovation at Abilene Christian University. In this interview from the EDUCAUSE 2009 Conference, Rankin discusses ACU’s mLearning Initiative, which deployed mobile devices to the entire freshman class. This created unique opportunities to pilot applications, overcome challenges, and create partnerships.

Booming Mac sales drive Apple’s best-ever quarter

Booming Mac sales drive Apple’s best-ever quarter — from CNN by David Goldman


NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) — Record Macintosh and lighting-fast iPad sales made Apple’s latest quarter its best ever, the company said Tuesday.

Sales for the Cupertino, Calif.-based company rose to a record $15.7 billion, 61% higher than Apple’s sales in this quarter last year. Net income rose to $3.25 billion, up 78% from a year ago.

Also see:
Strong iPad, iPhone Adoption in Fortune 100/500, Education – ikiw.org


  • 80% of the Fortune 100
  • 60% of the Fortune 500
  • 400 Higher Education Institutions


  • 50% of the Fortune 100
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Very slick…

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Crestron iPhone app highlighted in iTunes App Store — from eSchoolNews.com

Rockleigh, NJ, June 4, 2010 – Crestron announced that its popular iPhone app is showcased today in the ‘Apps to Control Your World’ feature section on the iTunes App Store. Crestron Mobile Pro harnesses the power of the 3G network and Crestron control systems to stay connected to the home or office from anywhere in the world. Crestron Mobile Pro puts a professional-looking Crestron touchpanel user interface right on the popular Apple iPhone or iPod touch, enabling a wide array of customizable capability to control audio/video, lights, climate, shades, and security in the home or office.


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iPod/iPhone Apps: Language Teacher (Part 1) — by Isabelle Jones


(free): I hear Skype is planning to charge for skype-to-skype calls using the 3G network even if called supported by wifi will still be free. I have found Skype a brilliant way to use text with anybody abroad as well as using good quality voice calls for free, of course.
TweeetDeck (free): A classic Twitter client although there are many many more available including Twitter’s own newly released iphone client and Seesmic.
Edutecher (free): Great application to find subject-related sites and ed-tech tools. A selection of ed-tech videos is also available as well as a copy of their Twitter feed and a search function.
iMindMap (free): simple MindMaps that can be exported and emailed
SimpleMindMaps (free): MindMaps can be saved to desktop, exported or saved to camera roll.
Diigo (free): Great to bookmark new sites from the safari browser although the bookmark does not allow for saving to groups
Box.net (free): useful to share documents between various locations. I have a box on my blog and I can add to it via my phone.
Dropbox (free): very handy to transfer back-up copies of documents to your phone. Just drop a copy in Dropbox folder and a copy will appear on your phone
Linkedin (free): more serious professional networking tool, it also has a wide range of groups for linguists and teachers that are worth keeping an eye on
Evernote(free): good to make notes and add audio or pictures to them. Notes can also be e-mailed too.
TED (free): really interesting speakers featuring in podcasts and videos
Teaching UK(free)-News, ideas and twitter feed
Tumblr(free): for quick logging of text, photo, quotes, link, chat, audio, and video. Great to keep it all in one place, and could be used to collect material for  later thoughts and blog posts.
Save My Doc lite (free iTunes): just put in the url to download the document onto your phone
Errands (free iTunes): to do list with scheduling and mailing facility
Schoolbook (free iTunes): great to get to learn your new timetable, particularly if it is a two-weekly one.


(free): broadcast, record, play back and share high quality audio up to 60 minutes in length. Recorded calls can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Posterous, Blogger and more…
VR+lite (free Blackberry): simple recorder for messages to be shared by email or social media sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or Blogger. Recordings can be made private or public. A short audio watermark is attached to recording on the lite version (full version costs £1.19)To be able to edit and receive free storage you need to sign up for VR+Online (free)
iSaidWhat?! (£0.59): simple recorder allowing to do some sound editing directly from your iphone: record, import sound file, cut, arrange snippets, duplicate, share via email, Facebook or Twitter.
iRevise lite (free iTunes): revision timetable, notebooks to write summary, prompt cards for key words, audio recording with gaps for answers.

Photo/ picture resources

Flickr (free): A great way to back up the pictures on your phone, pictures from Flickr’s favourites can also be saved onto your phone quite easily.
Photoshop.com (free) simple tool to edit photos directly on your phone: crop, straighten, flip, rotate, exposure, contrast, colours, black and white, sketch, effects, borders, pictures can be saved, uploaded and posted to Facebook and TwitPic.
Art (£0.59 for full version-lite version available iTunes): Excellent source of Art and information about international artists-great stimuli to discuss colours, shapes and produce extended description or even stories in the foreign language! Pictures can be saved onto your camera roll or emailed and saved onto a laptop.
99 Happy Paintings (free iTunes): can be viewed, exported, used as wallpaper and emailed for copying and importing into teaching resources.

More: 30 iPhone applications for the Art Teacher

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