Kiwa Media Group is an award winning media company developing iPhone/iPod Touch & iPad Apps, digital content for books, producing film & television programs & digital content for the mobile music industry. Kiwa Media also provides software solutions for ADR and Language Dubbing across the globe. The company is led by President, Rhonda Kite.

Kiwa Media Group brands include QBook, SingQ, VoiceQ & Kiwa TV & Film Production. Kiwa is a registered Mac OS and iPhone developer.

Example product –> QBook – Bringing your stories to life
QBook™ is an interactive read-along digital colour picture book format designed by Kiwa Media for young children. QBook is an eBook, iPhone and iPad app that combines a narrators voice with original picture illustrations and touchable text that is synchronised to highlight and sound when words are touched.

From DSC:
Let’s picture that you are a 3-4 year old…and your parents get you one of these iPads. You begin to learn to read like this using an app like QBook. You grow up knowing this type of technology exists and you use gadgets like this all the time. They keep you engaged…they give you control of the content, pacing, etc.

Now fast forward to college. You’ll quickly see why I preach the dangers of the status quo.