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Top 100 Schools for Animation, Gaming, and Design - May 2012



The animation education industy has never been so competitive, with schools competing for students and students competing for a small number of available industry jobs. The job rate and student employability has dropped to the lowest in years, so a top-notch animation education has never been so critical.

All this has made choosing the right animation school extremely difficult. To help students navigate through the world of animation schools, we’ve put together the Top 100 most highly-regarded and sought after animation schools on the planet. This list of the Top 100 Schools in Animation, Gaming and Design was compiled via a mixture of school reviews, industry-reviewed lists like the Princeton Review, and via a survey of the animation industry professionals and recruiters from companies like Pixar, J.J. Sedelmaier and DreamWorks who were featured in our Interview Series. And without further ado, here are your Top 100 Schools in Animation, Gaming and Design:


Adobe announces Creative Suite 6 and Adobe Creative Cloud on 4-23-12


Adobe announces Creative Suite 6 and Adobe Creative Cloud on 4-23-12


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From DSC:

  • This last piece from David Nagel addresses my fears and concerns with our current emphasis on standardized tests, common core standards, etc.  The emphasis is on STEM and can lead to a one-size-fits-all type of education that doesn’t allow each student to identify and pursue their own passions enough.


Addendum on 5/2/12:




Lytro’s light field camera technology could supercharge future iPhones — from arstechnica.com by Chris Foresman  

Lytro's light field camera technology could supercharge future iPhones

National Geographic 2011 Photo Contest

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11 essential reads for photographers for the new year — from digital-photography-school.com by Darren Rowse

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The most popular post production software [poll results] — from digital-photography-school.com by Darren Rowse


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Higher Ed’s Ultimate Guide To Cloud Computing — from edudemic.com

Topics include:

  • What is cloud computing?
  • Why use it?
  • The challenges of using cloud computing
  • What it means to higher ed
  • Educause’s 7 things you should know about cloud computing
  • Legal considerations
  • …and more


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Addendum on 11/2/11:

  • Diving Into the Cloud — from campustechnology.com by Rama Ramaswami, Dian Schaffhauser
    In a two-part series, CT provides IT administrators with an easy-to-understand primer to help them educate campus constituents about the cloud and what it can do for their institutions.




San Francisco Fog — from Fubiz.net by Terence Cheng

Terence Chang -- beautiful photography of the fog of San Francisco

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The Lytro camera  -- a revolutionary step in photography


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Yurikamome Series [fubiz.net]

Yurikamome Series — from fubiz.net

Une très belle série de la photographe AppuruPai avec “Yurikamome” : le métro aérien de Tokyo. Des clichés avec expositions longues à bord de ce train, afin de rendre compte l’impression et la sensation de vitesse. Plus d’images de son travail dans la suite de l’article.





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