Five tips for emerging video journalists — over at the Innovative Interactivity blog by Paul Franz


But there are a few skills that I strongly believe all budding video journalists should take note of as they begin their careers in multimedia production.

a) Get used to editing as if you were working for MTV. For example, TIME recently rolled out a new magazine feature called “Pop Chart,” which is tantamount to a kind of a whacky news round-up. Normally, these affairs can be boring time sinks that do not attract a whole lot of viewers or interest. But with a few editing tricks and changes to your style, they can become fun little shows that entertain as well as inform.

b) Start getting comfortable with your voice. Many pieces just won’t have all the content you require to have a single character narrate an entire piece. Purists will argue that not having enough A-roll is tantamount to laziness, but the realities of the job will force you to use your voice frequently as a narrative bridge.



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