Gartner: Five megatrends as personal cloud replaces PC Era — from by Brian Taylor

Excerpt (emphasis DSC):

Steve Jobs called it the post-PC era. Gartner has another term for today’s world of personal computing meshed with mobility and the cloud. Indeed, A new Gartner report is dubbed “The New PC Era: The Personal Cloud.” Gartner contends that the era of the PC as the hub of business computing will end by 2014. The personal cloud will replace it, bringing along with it flexibility in choosing devices, enhanced user satisfaction and greater worker productivity.

A word of caution from Gartner: Businesses will have to “fundamentally rethink how they deliver applications and services to users.”

Megatrend No. 1:  Consumerization — You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
Megatrend No. 2:  Virtualization — Changing How the Game Is Played
Megatrend No. 3:  “App-ification” — From Applications to Apps
Megatrend No. 4:  The Ever-Available Self-Service Cloud
Megatrend No. 5:  The Mobility Shift — Wherever and Whenever You Want

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STAMFORD, Conn., March 12, 2012—      The reign of the personal computer as the sole corporate access device is coming to a close, and by 2014, the personal cloud will replace the personal computer at the center of users’ digital lives, according to Gartner, Inc.