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Needless to say, today’s workshops at DIYDays LA were filled to the brim with great speakers and innovative perspectives. For those that couldn’t attend today’s workshops, here’s a re-cap of the most important bits:

Common Points
There were a few common themes mentioned in almost every talk I attended, and they were all based on experiences (good and bad) from existing projects…

People mentioned include:

Henry Jenkins: If it Doesn’t Spread, it’s Dead
Christy Dena: Spiral Worlds: Writing & Experience Design
Tommy Pallotta: Story & Code: Shifting Perspectives of Storytelling in Culture
Alison Norrington: Top-Down/Bottom-Up -Where is the Value?
Robert Pratten: Brand Integrated Storyworlds

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My last post on ‘Creating a Transmedia Narrative‘ ignited a lengthy discussion in one of my LinkedIn groups. It seems that some of my readers thought that I was trying to establish that transmedia narratives follow different narrative norms/ no longer need to be based on traditional conventions of telling a story. This is not what I was trying to say. I merely pointed at parallels found in successful story worlds, narrative universes that withstood the test of time and continue to invite producers and audiences to expand their stories across different media. In order to last for decades or more and be expandable across different media, any narrative needs to have a ‘larger-than-life’ aspect to it, and I used my blog post to break this ‘larger-than-life’ aspect down into its individual, more accessible parts.

Also see:

Digital book developers discuss the changing tide of storytelling — from

Addendum on 11/2/11: