CES 2013: What to expect — from gdgt.com


The biggest consumer electronics event of the year is about to start. And while certain major companies won’t be there (we’re talking to you, Microsoft and Apple), those that are will be showing off some exciting new gadgets, including 4K TVs, touchscreen displays, and next-generation smartphones and tablets. Here’s what we’re expecting, based on what we’ve seen so far.


From DSC:
Though Apple TV will be “the elephant in the room”, the questions I ponder are:


  • What would educationally-related apps look like if smart/connected TVs and second screen devices continue to make their way into the living room?
  • What new functionality and pedagogies would open up to us if Learning from the Living [Class] Room came to fruition?
  • Will MOOCs morph into something that will make it’s way into our living rooms? What about if corporations offered their own MOOCs?