Top 10: Best jobs for robots 2012 — from by Tom Green
Help wanted: humans need not apply


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From DSC:
Why do I keep putting these items re: robotics up on a blog called Learning Ecosystems? Off the top of my head, here are a couple of the reasons why:

  1. Each year, more workers are losing their jobs to robots.  Such workers, if they want to remain in the workforce, are going to need to go back and do some more learning. Lifelong learning continues its way to becoming the norm now. To put it another way…we are potentially leaving a large swath of people behind in this quickly moving technological age — with a larger swath amassing unless such folks can reinvent themselves. Such reinventing work will likely require obtaining some new skills and/or knowledge
  2. It relates to engineering and computer science, two (of the many) disciplines that I’m interested in and like to keep an eye on.