The glorious end of higher education’s monopoly on credibility — from by  Michael Ellsberg
In the past, the only way to get professional credibility was with a college degree.  Now young people are using many different tools to gain a foothold in the business world.

From DSC:
Do you sense a bit of the build-up/angst against higher education in this article from TIME? If you’ve been reading much about higher ed these days, this type of perspective is increasingly being voiced.

As such, those of us working in higher education — especially those in leadership positions — need to work much harder at reinventing ourselves.  At least part of the solution involves significantly lowering the price of higher education to make it much more accessible, but still maintaining the quality of our programs. Online learning will play a large part in the solution; I realize that it can be expensive to create high-quality materials, but it doesn’t come with nearly as much overhead.

Higher ed institutions are starting to find themselves in the “Have you driven a Ford lately?” mode.  If the public’s perspective continues to move down this trajectory/path, it will be an uphill battle to regain the public’s trust and respect. Relevancy will become a much harder battle to win at that point.


Other examples of the changing conversation and where it’s being held: