Addendums/also see:

  • mooctalk.org from Dr. Keith Devlin, mathematician at Stanford — added 7/17/12
    Excerpt from his blog:
    I’m Dr. Keith Devlin, a mathematician at Stanford University. In fall 2012, I’ll be launching my first free online math course. This blog will chronicle my experiences as they happen, and hopefully garner some feedback and discussion for what can be approached only as a huge, but exciting experiment.
  • One course, 150,000 students — from the New York Times by Tamar Lewin — added 7/19/12
    Excerpt re: “How does this all work with a global enrollment?
    It’s been amazing. You’d see someone post in Brazil looking for other students in Brazil so they could meet and have a study group at a coffee shop. Facebook sites for the course popped up, not all in English. There are people in Tunisia, Pakistan, New Zealand, Latin America. And a professor in Mongolia has a group of students taking the course. He got them all a little laboratory kit, so they’re doing the experiments live along with the course.
  • Democratizing Education: Peter Norvig on Reaching a Global Audience — from techapex.com by Brent Hannify
    Norvig delivered a TED Talk titled “The 100,000-student classroom” in which he shared what he and Thrun learned about reaching a global audience through online teaching. He and Thrun worked together to create an online class that would be equal or better than the flagship artificial intelligence class at Stanford … and to also bring it free to anyone who was interested in signing up. Norvig and Thrun watched in amazement as 50,000 people signed up during the first two weeks after the class’s announcement, and grew “a bit terrified” when it reached a total of approximately 160,000 students.