Why if you miss Siri you’ll miss the future of the Web — from Scobleizer

Siri is the most useful thing I’ve seen so far this year. But after playing with it, getting an interview with its CEO (video here on building43) it’s even more important for you to pay attention to. It is the best example of what the web will be (emphasis DSC).

From DSC:
In the interview this quote stood out for me: “Siri is a ‘do’-engine…not a search engine.”

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  • Dynamic Service Delegation

  • Meta-data Driven

  • Algorithmic Combination

  • The Future of the Web
    Siri is just a beginning step to realizing this vision of “delegated computing”, where all the world’s services are being dynamically combined at the user’s beck and call. I do strongly agree with Robert’s post in that I believe that this will happen and that delegated computing will be an import part of the future of the web, and the way we interact with computers in general.