Teacher Burnout Statistics: Why Teachers Quit in 2023 — from devlinpeck.com by Devlin Peck


What are the most common causes for teacher burnout?
There are plenty of reasons for teacher burnout. Teachers report:

  • Heavy workloads
  • A poor education landscape of Individual Education Program (IEP) plans
  • Staff shortages
  • Social media issues
  • Safety issues
  • Low salaries
  • Mental health
  • A deficit of education funds
  • And more

From DSC:
Our oldest daughter teaches third grade. She and all of the other third-grade teachers at her school are not returning next year. Ouch! The school system that she works for asks teachers to serve as daycare providers before and after the official school day. Plus, the workloads require 6-7 days a week, especially for first-year teachers and/or other teachers who needed to teach different grade levels (i.e., increased prep times).