GPT-4 Is a Reasoning Engine — from by Dan Shipper
Reason is only as good as the information we give it


Even though our AI models were trained by reading the whole internet, that training mostly enhances their reasoning abilities not how much they know. And so, the performance of today’s AI models is constrained by their lack of knowledge.

I saw Sam Altman speak at a small Sequoia event in SF last week, and he emphasized this exact point: GPT models are actually reasoning engines not knowledge databases.

This is crucial to understand because it predicts that advances in the usefulness of AI will come from advances in its ability to access the right knowledge at the right time—not just from advances in its reasoning powers.

Why? It’s expensive and time consuming to find information that’s relevant to the things you think about. Even if you give AI access to a search engine, so it can make queries to find the right information—it’ll cost you money and time.

If, instead, you’ve spent a lifetime gathering and curating  information that’s important to you, you can customize your AI experience so it’s more useful to you right off the bat.