I’d like to thank Mr. Ryan Craig for the following resources (via his weekly e-newsletter): 

Reducing Barriers: Indeed Removes Degree Requirements From Eligible Roles — from inside.indeed.jobs

In keeping with this commitment, we have removed university degree requirements from all eligible job profiles. This change has impacted 700+ job profiles across all of our business units and we will continue to use our degree evaluation process when creating new job profiles. Removing this barrier will allow us to engage, attract, and hire a wider pool of qualified applicants applying for jobs across Indeed. 

Why America Has So Few Doctors — from theatlantic.com by Derek Thompson
As a matter of basic economics, fewer doctors means less care and more expensive services.

Trying to give students in low-wage majors some extra skills they can cash in on — from hechingerreport.org by Olivia Sanchez
A pilot program offers microcredentials that can help students find success after graduation