Four waves of change in #LawLand (282) — from by Jeff Carr

To get to the view of true “better” in legal service delivery, it is useful to return to first principles.  We are not here for ourselves, for the guild.  We are here to promote and protect the social good called “the law” for the benefit and service of those we call clients.   As such, when access to legal assistance is too difficult, too expensive, too unpredictable — and yes, too unfair — it is our job to fix the imbalance. To the extent we — members of the legal profession — ignore the imbalance in order to make another dollar out of a broken status quo, we have become corrupt guardians who betray our professional values.

Unfortunately, the more broken the status quo becomes, the greater our eventual professional reckoning. Thus, in my view, we have no time to waste.

Four waves of change in #LawLand