The IT industry is launching new markets worth more than $2 trillion, IBM CEO says — from by Julie Bort

Excerpt (emphasis DSC):

She says IBM is on track to meet her promise to investors, made last year, of hitting $40 billion worth of revenue in a bunch of new and more profitable markets by 2018.

These include big data/analytics, cloud computing, security, social and mobile. The company has already hit $29 billion in these “strategic imperative” areas, and they are now 36% of IBM’s $82 billion of revenue, she said.

These new markets, which IBM calls “decision support” represent a $2 trillion market. Plus IBM sees a bunch of other growth markets.

1. Machine learning (which IBM calls ‘cognitive computing”) is at the heart of the $2 trillion market IBM sees developing by 2025. This is where smart computers that can learn, can understand all kinds of data (even audio, photos, videos), reason, talk, make decisions and learn.

Companies will use this to make all of their important decisions she believes. And it will be used to solve other problems like managing and curing illness. Watson is already being used by medical device manufacturer Medtronic to help patients predict dangerous low-blood sugar events up to two hours before they occur.

Decision support will create $2 trillion worth of IT spending beyond the $1 trillion companies already spend on software, services and hardware.