Human Computer Interaction & the next generation of exhibits — from by one of my former instructors at SFSU’s Multimedia Studies Program, Mr. Jim Spadacini


HCI Science Center Exhibits


Computer-based technology continues to evolve at an ever-accelerating rate, creating both opportunities and challenges for science centers and museums. We are now seeing computing enter new realms, one that are potentially more promising for exhibit development than earlier ones.


Split screen interactivity and finger motion control on 2014 Samsung Smart TVs — from


Samsung has made some incremental improvements to its Smart TV platform for 2014. During International CES the company unveiled the Multi-Link feature, which lets you split the screen and use one half to get more information about content you are watching. For example, you can watch live TV on half the screen and get search results from a web browser on the other or seek out relevant YouTube content. In effect, the company is enabling ‘companion’ or Second Screen activities but on the main screen.


Items re: IBM and Watson:



FURo-S and also see FutureRobot




Nuance unlocks personalized content for Smart TVs with voice biometrics for Dragon TV — from


Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN) today announced that its Dragon TV platform now includes voice biometrics for TVs, set-top boxes and second screen applications, creating an even more personalized TV experience through voice. Upon hearing a person’s unique voice, Dragon TV not only understands what is being said, but authenticates who is saying it, and from there enables personalized content for different members of a household. As a result, individuals can have immediate access to their own preferred channels and content, customized home screens and social media networks.

From DSC:
Re: this last one from Nuance, imagine using this to get rid of the problem/question in online learning — is it really Student A taking that quiz?  Also, this type of technology could open up possibilities for personalized playlists/content for each learner.