Rapt Media: 9 Predictions for Online Video in 2014 — from adotas.com

  1. There will be a push to replicate the “TV experience” on the web.
  2. Interactive video is going to redefine traditional broadcasting.
  3. Video will be the GIF of 2014.
  4. Web video series will use PWYW pricing model.
  5. Online content producers will create more original series.
  6. We’ll see at least one high-profile crowd-funded season of television.
  7. Videos will become the primary shopping vehicles for tablet users around the world.
  8. A few innovative companies will start leveraging Interactive Video to replace costly in-person training. Higher education and corporate training will see a huge disruption as animated avatars and Interactive Video pair up to present personalized online training to hundreds of thousands of users without anyone ever leaving the comfort of their home or office.
  9. Video with choice is going to revolutionize customer service.