Nuts and bolts: How to be an overnight success — from by Jane Bozarth

Excerpts (emphasis DSC):

I was in a conversation the other day with’s Koreen Olbrish and Float Learning’s Chad Udell. We were poking at a workshop on gamification with a description that promised: “You will build a learning game in 60 minutes!” When Koreen said, “I could build a game in 60 minutes,” Chad responded, “Yes, 60 minutes and the rest of your life up to that point.”

We deal with that a lot in this business: the oversimplification of complex tasks, the marginalization of hard-earned knowledge. It often takes the form of a problem I think of as “develop before design.” People want a quick tool that will crank out a beautiful and effective eLearning program without putting any time into crafting a sound solution or a sound treatment for the content. Or they want a product that will take a static, template-based, text-heavy slide deck and, with the push of a magic button, turn it into an engaging, performance-enhancing course. The expectation is akin to driving a Kia into a carwash and expecting it to come out a Lexus. 

The “Nuts and Bolts” part of this? It’s meant as advice to newish folks: A huge part of your job will be expectations management.


From DSC:
Right on Jane!  I’ve personally seen/experienced this as well – even within the church.  I’ve seen it happen to the teaching profession and to those in the graphic arts.