From DSC:
After viewing the items at A visual guide to every single learning theory [; Robert Millwood] can anyone see a silver bullet for designing learning experiences?

I can’t / didn’t either. 

Learning is messy and teaching is not easy.  Anyone who thinks that teaching is easy has clearly never tried to teach or train anyone else on an ongoing basis. The mind is amazingly complex and there is no agreement amongst academics/scholars/researchers/etc. on thee best learning theory or thee best way to teach someone something.  

The end result of all of this for me is this:

  • Provide the content in as many ways as you possibly can and let the students select the media that they prefer to work with
  • Try to provide relevant, real-world examples and assignments and explain how that topic/assignment is relevant
  • Turn over as much control to the students as possible — i.e. let them drive
  • Make the learning experience as engaging and enjoyable as possible — invite active participation and discussion wherever possible

I’m sure there are many more items, but those are the ones off the top of my head .

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