Rating and comparison of online conferencing and webinar software — from webconferencing-test.com with thanks to Mr. Tim Pixley for scooping this  (Tim on Twitter)
What they offer, what they cost

Also, a solid comment from  Robin Good

If you need to review and compare alternative web conferencing and online collaboration tools you should give a look to Online Meeting Tools Review, a web service providing basic information for 35 different tools. I have already recommended this service in May 2012, but the service has been significantly improved and updated. For each service included you get a review, a direct link to its home page and free trial offering, and an overall rating score.  With the Basic Comparison Tool you can review up to four different conferencing services side-by-side for no additional fee: https://webconferencing-test.com/en/compare-tools-basic

With the Pro version of the same Comparison Tool you can get up to 12 different tools compared into a report that is sent straight to your email without any cost. The only requirement is that you accept the option of being later contacted by one of the companies you have requested to be compared. Free to use.

Testing methodology: https://webconferencing-test.com/en/how-we-test
Try it out now:  https://webconferencing-test.com/en/online-meeting-home


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