Tip 60: It’s a stream, not a course… — from kineo.com


Many traditional elearning instructional designers cut their teeth designing self-paced elearning programs. We create events.

However, the talk of the town these days is that learning is not an event.  People don’t plop in front of an elearning program or sit in a classroom and BAM! – they’ve got it all rock solid.  Instead, we’re talking about streams of activities that may happen over extended periods of time as individuals explore and master topic s or content areas. Instead of events, we hear about “learning experiences” and “activity streams”.

So how do traditional instructional designers stay relevant? And is that even possible? Let’s dip our paddles in the stream and explore together…


From DSC:
This brings to mind a graphic I periodically post…


What's the best way to deal with ever-changing streams of content? When information has shrinking half-lives?