Recap of the Week

Mobile Sprint

As we wrap up the EDUCAUSE Mobile Computing 5-Day Sprint, we reflect on a set of concepts that cut across all five mobile computing themes of the week:

  • Huge Potential. The opportunities that mobile computing presents to higher education seem boundless, and the story of mobile computing will be written by those with the vision and imagination to take risks.
  • (R)evolutionary. Don’t rethink or overthink everything — most of the principles and lessons of “computing” apply equally to mobile computing, though it’s important to see where the rules are different and adapt to them.
  • New Roles. Mobile computing is driven by technology commoditization and by the users of those tools, creating new roles for IT departments, both at the strategic and tactical levels.
  • Moving Parts. As mobile computing evolves, it places new strains on different parts of the infrastructure, and higher education needs to be diligent in maintaining the complex technology ecosystem that supports a thriving mobile culture.
  • Learning and Living. In higher education, all roads lead to learning, and mobile computing has the potential to put learning into the hands of students, all the time, anywhere they are, on their own terms.

The Week’s Leading Post on IdeaScale
“Consumers dictate device usage, not IT,” see all of the ideas that were shared on IdeaScale.

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