Integration of Pedagogy and Technology in Teacher Education: An Interview with Emily Hixon — from by Lynn Zimmerman


What is the nature of the course you are planning?
The new course being developed, Educational Technology for Teaching & Learning, will explore classroom applications of educational technology in K-12 settings and address strategies for effectively integrating technology into the teaching and learning process. Students will learn about technology-based instructional resources and the pedagogical processes they can facilitate.

What is the goal of this course?
Given the increasingly important role technology is playing in our society and the educational process, this new course is being created to allow preservice teachers to experience technology integration in a more meaningful way. It will replace a previously offered educational technology course that students were required to take very early in their program of study. By offering the course later in their program and in conjunction with a field experience, students will be able to learn about technology integration in an authentic context. This course will focus more on pedagogical aspects of effective technology integration, which was difficult to do previously because of the novice level of the students early in their program.

— Originally from by Jes Kelly