Using the Livescribe Smartpen with students — from Assistive Technology

In the past couple of weeks I have worked with a number of students with learning disabilities who all have difficulty taking notes and I have introduced them to the Livescribe Smartpens. It was truly amazing to watch them use this device and the potential it has to open up all kinds of opportunities for them. For students with dyspgraphia, learning disabilities, auditory processing difficulties the Livescribe Smartpen is a godsend. Once I demonstrate the technique of just writing keywords on the dotted paper the student get the “aha” moment when I showed them the Paper Replay feature. For students who have difficulty listening and recording notes in real time this is truly a powerful tool and one I would put on my Back to School list of gadgets.

Assistive technologies for online learning — from E-Learning Queen

For many — not just those with special needs — participating in an online course is very difficult without assistive technologies. Augmentive and alternative communication products can help students with disabilities. It is useful, however, to look at some assistive technologies as effective for learners who have specific learning preferences and who may benefit from being able to access content in more than one format.

Take a look at the different assistive technologies that are available. You may be surprised how affordable they are, and how helpful they might be for you, especially with respect to keyboards, touchscreens, screen-readers (and “talking books”), and speech recognition.

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Atomic Learning and Don Johnston: Assistive Tech Online Training Collection — from Atomic Learning and Don Johnston

You already have some great assistive technology tools. Many of them have had a huge impact on your students. ?But, are your teachers making the most of them? Don Johnston teamed up with Atomic Learning to solve this problem. We came up with an exclusive bundle of online trainings—some of which you won’t find anywhere else. Subscribers will get unlimited whole-district access to thousands of online tutorials for all of your top assistive technology software and devices.

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Atomic Learning and Don Johnston: Assistive Tech Online Training Collection

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A Tobii for Talking — from Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs


“Today was the first day of a 4 week trial rental of a Tobii P10 eye gaze communication device for a student in my class.  This has been a long time in coming for this student.  There have been many sessions with every maker of every brand of eye gaze AAC device on the marker.  There has been some pretty intensive low tech intervention around eye gaze along with ongoing discussions, data collection and educational planning.  There were web based trainings, practice with the evaluations software and two face-to-face introductory trainings with our local Tobii rep Chris (who is spectacular).  Time was spent showing the student the software and pre-training on the symbol set and the different lay-outs.”

From Tobii

MyTobii P10 is a portable eye-controlled communication device. Everything, including a 15” screen, eye control device and computer, is integrated into one unit. Just connect to a power source, such as a wall socket, power wheelchair or separate battery. The device can be mounted for use at a desk, on a wheelchair, in bed or anywhere suitable for the user.

Who is helped by MyTobii?

Users with disabilities such as:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)
  • High level spinal injuries
  • Multiple Sclerosis

With powerful, state-of-the-art features, MyTobii brings eye control to a whole new audience of users. The interface can be configured for many different skill levels thus being flexible enough to serve many different user groups.

Dependable and easy operation

  • Easy to set up
  • Fully automatic
  • Quick, easy one-time calibration
  • Mounts to desk, bed or wheelchair
  • Easy to adjust to the needs of different user groups

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Free ebook from Atomic Learning: Integrate Assistive Technology in General Education
Assistive technology can betremendously beneficial to all educators, not just those in specialed environments. Atomic Learning is committed to integratingassistive technology into the classroom, and we offer this guide inthe spirit of that mission. Click here toview this ebook.

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