Leeds College of Music educates students with Junaio — from blog.metaio.com


If you’ve ever seen a mixing console before, then you already know what I’m talking about. Those consoles can be a headache to prospective sound engineers in the industry, and to the laymen, it’s nearly impossible to figure out how to maneuver all the knobs and buttons. It’s no wonder that Ruth Clark and Craig Golding of Leeds College of Music set out to come up with a better solution to make audio equipment approachable for their undergraduate students.

First of all, using an e-learning software package called Articulate Storyline, they provided the students with an interactive manual that taught them how to use audio mixing equipment. But this application alone didn’t satisfy Clark and Golding. They also reached out to Matt Ramirez, Senior Augmented Reality Developer at Jisc, the charity offering digital services and solutions to UK education and research, to create something that was far beyond the original scope of the project. The manual was enhanced with Augmented Reality – deployed in Junaio – giving students an easy and innovative way to visualize the various panels and buttons on the mixer console with color-coded overlays: by tapping on the colored parts, students were then able to get additional information for each panel in real time.