The DIY World of Maker Tools and Their Uses — from by Vicki Davis


The Maker movement is spreading through schools. You’ll see many tools becoming part of unique maker ecosystems in schools based upon teacher expertise and student interests. (For more about the Maker movement read How the Maker Movement is Moving into Classrooms.)

Let’s look at the most common tools being used in makerspaces.


Project-Based Learning Through a Maker’s Lens — from by Patrick Waters


6 Strategies for Funding a Makerspace — from by Paloma Garcia-Lopez


In this spirit, we are starting to see more and more makerspaces springing up in schools across the country. If you are a teacher experimenting with making projects in your classroom, here are some successful fundraising strategies we’ve seen educators use to fund a makerspace for their school community.



Addendum on 7/30/14: