Why tablet publishing is poised to revolutionize higher education — from Mashable.com by Trevor Bailey

Excerpt (emphasis DSC):

Richer than their print counterparts, digital textbooks include a number of interactive features. They are not limited to static pictures, but can integrate video, audio, animation, interactive simulations and even 360-degree rotations and panoramas. In addition, universities have the ability to create custom, institutionally branded viewers with unique displays and navigation options.

Digital publishing allows professors or subject matter experts to self-publish their own educational materials or research findings and distribute the information on tablet devices. Teachers can iterate content quickly, better keeping pace in a world where knowledge evolves every instant. On a smaller scale, they can post lesson documents online for students, versus relying on hard-copy materials.


From DSC:
…and we’ll see what Apple says about this topic later this month; 2012 should be an interesting year indeed. I would like to see more of our professors’ e-books/self-published materials up on the Chalkboard of the Future:


One part of the board could provide downloadable, discipline-specific templates




Teaching resources could be downloaded by faculty and by students -- compliements of the publishers


From Daniel Christian: The future chalkboard is connected to various other systems and devices -- wirelessly and via wired connections.