Royal Holloway to validate publisher Pearson’s degree — from the BBC

  • Publishing giant Pearson has announced a partnership with Royal Holloway university that will allow it to enter the degree market.
  • The university is to validate a degree in business, developed by Pearson, which says it eventually wants its own degree-awarding powers.
  • A White Paper last week outlined government plans to allow the expansion of private degree providers.
  • But the lecturers’ union warned of a possible focus on profitable courses.
  • Pearson said the degree would be available from September 2012.
  • It said it was in talks with further education colleges, which would teach the course.

From DSC:
Many of the publishers already have teams of specialists in place; i.e. they’ve already set their tables (see the graphic I created below that represents where I believe ALL institutions of higher education need to get to — and as quickly as possible).