Excerpt for features:

  • Televation acts as an independent content access point efficiently tuning all subscribed services and transcoding to the proper format without disrupting household viewing. Changing channels on the tablet is easy and doesn’t affect household members watching TV in other rooms.
  • Designed by our expert engineering team, Televation receives a QAM signal via coax, decodes and decrypts it using a QAM tuner and CableCARD, then transcodes and transrates from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4.
  • Televation protects content distributed within the home with CableLabs and DTLA approved IPRM, part of Motorola’s SecureMedia® DRM. It uses regulation CableCard technology to protect content delivered to the home.
  • Subscribers navigate Televation’s experience using an application on their tablet or device. Providers can either build their own branded App or use a customizable, ready-to-use App created by Motorola.