A very interesting concept — game-like reading on tablet devices — from Walrus Epub:
Walrus Epub Demo#3 – Kadath— my thanks to Mr. Steven Chevalia for this resource

Very interesting concept -- game-like reading!


  • The new video demo made by the Walrus studio, involving ePub3 with a huge use of HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

From DSC:
A good example of how books are moving to ebooks which are then moving to applications.


Multimedia Transformation -- Special Report from Education Week


In science and math classes across the country, digital tools are being used to conduct experiments, analyze data, and run 3-D simulations to explain complex concepts. Language arts teachers are now pushing the definition of literacy to include the ability to express ideas through media. This report, “Multimedia Transformation,” examines the many ways multimedia tools are transforming teaching and learning as schools work to raise achievement and prepare students for careers that require increasingly sophisticated uses of technology.

Sideways.com -- taking digital storytelling and publishing to the next level

About Sideways

Sideways, the publisher of experimental app magazines Sideways and TapTilt, transforms print into immersive experiences on digital tablets and mobile devices. Leveraging unique multi-media capabilities, Sideways goes beyond ebook functionality, changing storytelling and the way we consume books and magazines. Developing original content with forward-thinking publishers and authors, the company’s publishing platform augments text with rich media, adds multiple levels of reference, and enhances reading with mobile features and social media. Sideways takes advantage of interactivity to enrich both the solitary and social experience of reading – from fiction and non-fiction to “how to” and guides. Additionally, Sideways is the creator of Author App, a mobile application for authors designed to build their brands, engage their fans and expand their presence. Based in Cleveland, Sideways was founded in 2010 by Charles Stack and Eliza Wing. Stack started the first online bookstore in 1992 – Books.com – which was acquired by Barnes and Noble. Wing was formerly the CEO of Cleveland.com and editor at Rolling Stone, Books.com, and New York Woman.  For more information, visit www.sideways.com.

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From DSC:
Do you hear the roar of the engines? (i.e. the pace of technological innovation is exploding and the racetrack is full of lightning-fast cars.)

World Book’s new online Early World of Learning gives youngest learners a head start in literacy — from eschoolnews.com
Developed with education experts for preschool through early primary grades, Early World of Learning enriches classroom curriculum


World Book's Early World of Learning

CHICAGO– April 16 2010 – World Book, Inc. today introduced Early World of Learning, the premier online resource to help young learners build vocabulary, comprehension, phonics, and reading fluency. As the latest addition to World Book Classroom, a series of innovative and effective teaching resources to improve learning in the classroom setting, Early World of Learning offers rich resources that easily integrate into the classroom curriculum in preschool and early elementary grades.

Early World of Learning includes three interactive learning environments:

• Trek’s Travels, offering stories, games, and original videos to help young learners master critical early childhood themes, develop vocabulary, and gain reading comprehension.

• Welcome to Reading, helping pre- and early readers strengthen phonics, vocabulary, phonemic awareness, and comprehension skills.

• Know It, engaging early learners with non-fiction reading in a richly visual interactive first encyclopedia.

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FreeReading is a high-quality, open-source, free reading intervention program addressing literacy development for grades K-3. Schools and teachers everywhere can use the complete, research-based 40-week program for K-1 students, or use the library of lessons to supplement existing curricula in phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing. The site is also filled with free, downloadable supplemental materials including flashcards, graphical organizers, illustrated readers, decodable texts, audio files, videos and more.

Launched in 2007, FreeReading is the first free, open source curriculum product approved for use through a state-wide adoption. Commencing in the 2008-2009 school year, teachers and districts within Florida are using FreeReading’s Intervention A program as an approved intervention tool – and redirecting their valuable curriculum dollars to other areas. In addition to participants in Florida, users of FreeReading will join the ranks of hundreds of thousands of teachers in more than 180 countries who are leveraging the power of FreeReading.

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