10 key design trends for 2016 (and how to make the most of them) — from fastcodesign.com
The global design firm Fjord (part of Accenture Interactive) delves into the major ideas shaping markets next year.


Apps as we know them will disappear. Luxury will trickle down to the masses. VR will go mainstream. These are just a few of the major design and technology trends shaping the world in 2016. The trends we’ve identified focus on issues we—a firm with over 600 designers and developers—expect to tackle in the coming year. They reflect what clients are asking for, our experiences as citizens and users, and our well-informed guesses (we hope!) on the impact of emergent technology.

  • Micromoments will be mighty.
  • Big data will get some manners.
  • Organizations will design and innovate for their most important asset: their employees.
  • Apps as we know them will disappear.
  • Luxury services will be available to all.
  • Governments will embrace digital technologies to improve how they serve the public.
  • Healthy is the new wealthy.
  • VR’s dreams come true.
    • Think beyond gaming. It will be crucial for businesses to understand how the technology can be used for business processes as well as customers. Will VR conference calls be more productive? Can travel be eliminated or scaled back, in favor of virtual collaboration? Can you work on-site, while staying off-site?
  • Simplicity will win in an era of all-you-can-choose.
  • Design from within.