Industry Speaks: Top 33 Big Data Predictions for 2016 — from by Alex Woodie


What will happen in big data in 2016? You’d think that would be a cinch to answer, what with all the deep neural net and prescriptive analytic progress being made these days. But in fact the big data predictions from the industry are all over the map. Datanami received dozens of predictions from prominent players in the industry. Here is a culled collection of the most interesting ones.

Oracle sees the rise of a new type of user: the Data Civilian. “While complex statistics may still be limited to data scientists, data-driven decision-making shouldn’t be,” Big Red says. “In the coming year, simpler big data discovery tools will let business analysts shop for datasets in enterprise Hadoop clusters, reshape them into new mashup combinations, and even analyze them with exploratory machine learning techniques.”

Machine learning, big data automation, and artificial intelligence were big in 2015, and will get bigger next year, says Abdul Razack, SVP & head of platforms, big data and analytics at Infosys. “In 2016, the pace at which enterprises more widely adopt artificial intelligence to replace manual, repetitive tasks will rapidly increase,” Razack says, citing the $1 billion AI investment made recently by Toyota. Big data automation is already growing, but next year “it will be more widely used to accentuate the unique human ability to take complex problems and deliver creative solutions to them.” The self-driving cars from Tesla have built-in machine learning, but next year, “machine learning will quietly find its way into the household, making the objects around us not just connected.”