Colorful New Architectural Watercolors by Maja Wronska — from by Christopher Jobson






Polish watercolor artist Maja Wronska continues to paint explosively colorful depictions of European architecture, most recently in Pozna?, Poland. Wronska is an architect herself, a skill that greatly enhances her artwork. She first renders each piece as a detailed drawing and then adds layers of watercolor, an unpredictable medium that can be difficult to control, making her paintings all the more incredible. You can see much more over on Behance, and several of these are currently available as prints.



4 awesome arts apps for students of all ages — from by Graphite from Common Sense Media



Modular paper sculptures intracately formed by artist — from by Allison Blackburn



[Image Courtesy of Richard Sweeney]



Incredible 3D Optical Illusion Artwork — from


Beijing, China


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