From DSC:
Internships may set you apart, but from my experience, it used to be very difficult to get one and only existed in any sort of quantity for certain fields (such as Engineering or Computer Studies).  How can the corporate world and higher education better support our students in this area? Perhaps more efforts akin to Qeyno Labs…?

Qeyno Labs works with local partners and schools to close the STEM diversity gap in K-12 education by transforming the interests of under-served youth into STEM career pathways using web and mobile-based technology.

Using game-like rewards and mentorship from real-life professionals, Qeyno makes “career day” an everyday experience for the 40+ million students that can’t afford private college and career guidance.

Students earn badges, win prizes, internships, and scholarships endorsed through the $124 billion talent acquisition market spending by non-profits and companies.


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Addendum on 7/2/13: