Some colleges slow to prep education majors for how to teach online — by Jennifer Reeger


“They’ve all grown up in the face-to-face classroom, and they come into teaching thinking that’s what they’re going to do,” said Ent, chairwoman of the education department. “When you say to them there’s a chance you’ll be doing online delivery, they’re shocked.”

A somewhat-related item:

  • Online classroom support pre-service teacher education from Learning in vivo by Thomas Groenewald

    Teaching is complex, requiring in excess of 3000 decisions each day in the classroom, reports Ferry and Kervin (2007). This poses serious challenges to pre-service teacher education, aggravated by the theoretical education often fail to prepare students for the practicalities of the classroom. Simulated (virtual) classrooms are seen as a means to prepare students for their future role as teachers.
    Ferry and Kervin (2007: 190) reports that a team of five University of Wollongong lecturers and two research students work together for a year to produce a funding proposal. A further six months got devoted to plan the development of the simulation. The development of the simulation comprises a number of stages/processes: