Beo6 remote control — from Bang & Olufsen (with emphasis below from DSC)

Why can't more devices do this sort of thing?

Navigate the seas of complexity
Now you can have touch-screen control of your TV, films, music and more – right in the palm of your hand. Beo6 knows which devices you own and presents just the relevant menus and controls on its intelligent hardened glass screen. You get all the visual feedback you need, without obstructing everyone’s view of the big screen. Menus are copied to the screen on the remote and even station logos appear here, eliminating the need to remember all those numbers. Link rooms are controlled by means of Zones, e.g. the living room or kitchen zone, so you are always sure to have access to the right products and functions in each room.

The functions that are common for several devices – like menu navigation buttons and the famous Bang & Olufsen sound volume wheel – have dedicated tactile buttons within easy reach on the aluminium ball that forms the lower half of Beo6. The two parts of the remote control complement each other to combine simplicity of operation with choice and flexibility of features. In a day and age when On and Off, Play and Stop are just not enough any more, it is good that someone is cutting through the complexity.

From DSC:
We are using some media controllers from Crestron that offer some of this functionality; but they are expensive and require a great deal of expertise to setup/reconfigure.