Team Teaching, Educator Retention and Education’s Next Workforce — from by

Key Points

  • Team teaching models present an innovative solution to build high-quality teams of satisfied and empowered educators.
  • The future of the nation depends on the quality of education provided to the next generation.
  • Discovering, creating and retaining great teachers who are driven to support every K-12 learner is one of the most effective ways to change long-term outcomes for both students and their future communities.

Stevenson Elementary Third-Grade Team's Transition -- still teaching 100 students, let's say, but in a different team-teaching sort of way

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Why Teach Journalism When AI Writes Articles? — from by Tom Vander Ark

Key Points

  • Historically, journalism has been a valued and viable career path.
  • However, the rise of the web, particularly social media, disrupted time-honored media business models.
  • Good writing matters in careers and in a healthy democracy and journalism–the regular production of public content in newspapers, magazines, and websites–is a great way to teach it.