Defining Futures Thinking — from by Maree Conway
It’s not easy to define futures thinking and foresight because it seems to be the norm in this field to re-invent definitions on a regular basis.


The terms we use to describe the study of alternative futures is important. Disciplines and discourses do not emerge from a vacuum but have a history and a cultural context; and their names can hide as much as they reveal.

Speaking of the future…here’s a somewhat related item:

What should be the biggest change to wearables in the next five years? — from by various
A greater emphasis on recommendations, better clinical integration and more accessibility are the changes that ought to be in store, the experts say.


What makes wearable technology great is the opportunity to actually change lives by improving health, increasing fitness and enhancing performance. Whether we actually see it or not over the next five years, the change we should see is a greater emphasis on the insights and recommendations generated by wearable technology, rather than ever-larger piles of charts and graphs.