ScopeAR beams an expert to you through augmented reality — from by Greg Kumparak


Everyone needs an expert sometimes; a helping hand to point you in the right direction so you can get the job done.

Maybe you’re a mechanic working on an exotic car. You know everything there is to know about cars in general — but only a handful of people really know this car. Alas, they’re all on the other side of the planet.

Maybe you’re working on an oil rig, and one of the panels is throwing out errors. “REPLACE VALVE 6B”, reads the screen. You know how to replace a valve! You… just don’t know where said valve is. Your company has experts for this — but they’ve all been called off to other rigs.

Maybe you’re just at home trying to figure out which of the zillion poorly labeled ports on that shiny new A/V receiver is the one that can support a 4k resolution. All you need is someone to point out the right one, and you’re set.

ScopeAR, a company from YC’s Summer 2015 class, wants to help experts be anywhere they need to be via the magic of augmented reality.