Everyone is an entrepreneur in this e-conomy — — from usatoday.com by Steve Strauss

Excerpt (emphasis DSC):

That we all work when, where and how we want is not news, of course. Neither is it news that the not-so-great recession transformed work and business, too. Large corporations realized that they didn’t need to keep all those full-time employees with the attendant healthcare costs and other benefits when they could get most of what they wanted by hiring part-timers and independent contractors.

What is news is that all of this change has created a new dynamic. Old traits like loyalty and experience are rapidly being trumped by a different and new set of values such as individual initiative and the need for creativity.

And what this means is that now, today, we all better think of ourselves as entrepreneurs.


From DSC:
I had posted an item earlier today on AI and wondered how such trends affect our curricula. But this posting really speaks to the need to develop our entrepreneurial sides.  For students, I would recommend taking (at least some) courses that:

  • Teach you how to run your own business
  • Foster your creativity and sense of innovation
  • Show you how to pivot on a dime / on a moment’s notice
  • Teach you how to learn