[For students/recent grads especially]
The Surprising Reason Why You’re Not Getting Hired — from good.co by Danielle Setola Antes


Within the survey, employers and recruiters indicated two distinct areas where candidates were falling short: a lack of technical skills, and a lack of workplace competency skills (i.e. “soft skills”).

Soft Skills: 101
So what exactly are these “soft skills” that candidates are lacking, and how can you develop them? And more importantly, how can you showcase the soft skills you do possess to potential employers?

Communication Skills
You’re likely to find “strong communication skills” in the requirements section of almost any job description. Whether written or verbal, employers are looking for employees who can make a point quickly and effectively, understand how to explain subjects to a diverse audience, and keep their team in the loop.

Critical Thinking Skills
Critical thinking and problem solving are both skills that are essential for success in the workplace. You should be able to dissect problems and prioritize creative solutions using all of the resources available to you. Critical thinking also involves taking multiple perspectives into account and re-evaluating solutions in light of new evidence, which shows that you’re flexible and able to make the best decision for the team.

The desire to learn, or motivation, is another soft skill that employers are looking for, especially in candidates who lack technical skills. Your ability to learn doesn’t necessarily have to be tied to your cognitive abilities – it’s ok if you’re not a quick learner.

Other Skills
There are a number of other soft skills employers will want to see – humility, confidence, attitude, and dependability, among many others – that may get your foot in the door for the perfect job.