The Global Education Database — per the Scoop from Robin Good

Per Robin:

GEDB, the Global Education Database, is a great and extremely useful curated collection of the best apps, web tools, gadgets and moocs now available online for educational purposes. Anyone can register to GEDB and submit any valuable resource or tool by filling out the dedicated form.  Submissions are reviewed for factual accuracy and integrity and approved and published within 24 hours. Readers and contributors can in turn rate the review and share it online. This is a great educational resource, simple to consult and well organized. A treasure trove of qualified resources for anyone wanting to teach and learn with new technologies. Free to use. Try it out now:




From DSC:
I haven’t spent a lot of time on this database, but I was intrigued by their model — i.e. using crowdsourcing to identify some solid possibilities and breaking them out for classroom management, Common Core, computer science, flipped classrooms, general learning, language learning and project-based learning. They also have categories for software, hardware, apps, web tools, MOOCs and more.