From DSC:
Consider (a resource graciously relayed to me by Mr. Michael Haan at Calvin College)




Using this site/service, people can download music for free and donate to the artists if they want to (and I think they should).  The WIN for the artist is more visibility and the ability to create/expand a fan base.

This site/service is another example of people representing themselves…of selling what they have to offer…of people representing their own brands.

Add to this the continuing trend towards more freelancing, and I can’t help but wonder…

  • How should these sorts of things impact what we teach?
  • How can we model this for our students? (i.e. reinventing oneself, selling oneself, communicating with others, staying relevant, and more)



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As work becomes more flexible and communication more mobile, the office is turning into an increasingly complex and even abstract concept. As we look to the future, we have to ask: Will the workplace be on-site at our employer’s property, or on-demand at a collaborative space? Or will work simply be a mindset independent of place or time of day?

The answer is all three, and more.