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Given the extremely fast/breathtaking pace that Steve Jobs had Apple run while he was alive, it’s difficult to sustain that pace over so many years.  He set some very tough and high expectations that are difficult to match.  So when an Apple TV or an iWatch isn’t released, we think nothing happened.  But there were some important things announced yesterday, including the biometric scanning situation, but I admit that I also felt a bit let down.

I think that Apple is being extremely cautious — afraid to mess up on anything, lest people will say, “See! Now that Steve’s gone, they can’t do it.”  Not that it matters, but I would urge them “to go hard with it,” forget about “the score,” and let the score take care of itself.  It’s ok not to hit a home run every time to bat. That’s something I think we all need to practice, given the current 180 mph environment that we live in.