Excerpt (with additional emphasis DSC) from an email I rec’d from personalizelearning.com’s Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey, under the section entitled, “It’s All About the Conversations”

Personalized learning is becoming more than a “buzz word” — it is driving conversations. One of our posts, “Learners NOT Students,” has taken the conversations where we never thought they would go. A comment from Lisa Welch, K-2 teacher at Wales Elementary in Kettle Moraine, Wisconsin shared about being a student and a learner:

“When I was young, I was quite the “student”.  By this, I mean I was given the task, given the materials to complete the task, and then was told the time frame to do it in. I was VERY good at following directions which made me an excellent student. Now if only I was a good learner!”

Many of us were good “students” yet still had trouble learning. The conversations continue about what is Personalized Learning, transforming learning instead of reforming learning, learners taking ownership of their learning and teachers as partners in learning. We believe our purpose is to share what we learn from you and with you about ideas, resources, research, and from the journeys of educators and learners who are personalizing learning. This newsletter is about the conversations!

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