Adjust your set — and your expectations — says TV of Tomorrow — from
One-day connected TV and second screen conference hits New York City, bringing a look at tomorrow’s viewing.

Smart TV hack highlights risk of ‘The Internet of Everything’ — from by Taylor Armerding
As the use of smart connected devices expands, so do threats because while they may not look like computers, they are

Google wants to let Chrome apps interact with your TV and other devices — from

Google’s Chrome team appears to be looking to extend the way the browser connects with other devices, incorporating support for a new protocol that will enable Chrome apps to discover and interact with “first screen devices.”

The future of TV content delivery is the Internet — from by Adam Poltrack

Internet connected tv

It won’t be long before cable and satellite boxes go the way of the VCR.
We have seen the future of TV content delivery, and it is the Internet.


Future TV disruption – Forbes says it’s worth half a trillion dollars for Internet companies — from


$500 Billion TV Market New Battlefield For Internet Companies — from


Why Valve’s new living room PC is the new face of the console business — from by Anythony John Agnello

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